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Health management starts with weight management
Enhancing Your Health Awareness with 15 Body Metrics
A single measurement can generate a comprehensive body composition analysis report, encompassing up to 15 key body indicators. This report provides a thorough assessment of your physical well-being. Utilizing Bluetooth 4.0, real-time data synchronization allows you to effortlessly comprehend the changes in your vital signs over time, making it your personal health companion.
Tracking Trends, Observing Daily Progress
Your historical data is visually represented through clear graphs, enabling you to discern subtle fluctuations in your physical condition at any given moment. You can also monitor real-time shifts in data, such as weight and body fat percentage, empowering you to more effectively manage your fitness objectives.
Supporting 4+ Family Members
One account can handle multiple family members, allowing easy profile switching on the same device. While prioritizing your health, you can also stay updated on your family's well-being, monitoring their health indicators and status from anywhere, anytime.